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A choice "of value" means the Value of It's Pact Tuscany

MPL Italy approves the specification of quality It's Tuscany

The Board of Directors of MPL Italy recently passed a Pact of values which commits Tuscan companies adhering to It's Tuscany to have an exemplary conduct regarding:

  • the quality of the products and services offered
  • respect of employment, human capital and theenvironment
  • the enhancement of Tuscany and its territory

Subscribe to the Pact of values is an important step in the process of accession to the portal It's Tuscany, as "ambassadors of Tuscany", in Italy and abroad, necessarily pass through the respect of standards of excellence.

As stated in the introductory text to the specification:

«The portal and the registered trademark "It's Tuscany ™ are the result of a territorial marketing project based on the Tuscan brand, intended as an" ecosystem "of territory, traditions, human relations and, not least, quality products and services. Such quality is preserved with the commitment of all the people and businesses who hang around common values, respecting them become brand ambassadors of Tuscany. [...]»

To download the full version of the Pact of values, you can go to the page IT's ETHICAL PACT TUSCANY.