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The Manifattura Specchi e Vetri Bini srl is located in the heart of Empolese-Valdelsa and for 90 years has been a reference point in the field of mirror production.

The company was founded in 1927, has always been involved in complex machining and qualified so that today it is able to provide its customers with a wide range of glass and stained glass with great customizability, decorations, engravings and fascinating the play of light and color, according to the tastes and needs of each.

The mirrors Bini in fact express originality and elegance always relevant in the best tradition of Tuscan handicrafts, conceived and designed by professional designers specialize in enhance color and embossed effects of perimeter decorations.

All products are made to float glass silvered products from the most prestigious brands in the industry, ensuring a high degree of protection from vapors, sea salt and other oxidizing elements suspended in the atmosphere.

The decorations are made with high quality resins and dyes mixed together with an exclusive procedure to obtain maximum brilliance and durability. With as much attention are made the metal parts for wall mounting, all made in stainless steel.

Manifattura Specchi e Vetri Bini waits in its clients in offices in Via Arnolfo di Cambio 69, Empoli, Firenze.

Area territoriale

Empolese Valdelsa


Manifattura Specchi e Vetri Bini

Antique mirror


€ 299,00

Manifattura Specchi e Vetri Bini



€ 450,00

Manifattura Specchi e Vetri Bini



€ 390,00

Manifattura Specchi e Vetri Bini



€ 450,00

Manifattura Specchi e Vetri Bini



€ 299,00
Manifattura specchi e vetri Bini S.r.l. Via Arnolfo di Cambio 69 50053 Empoli +39 0571 77384