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Bottega Bedeschi is an artisan workshop specialized in the realization of products like creams, perfumes and soaps, located on Via delle Belle Donne in the centre of? Florence.

Lorenzo Bedeschi is the owner of the Bottega managed to recreate a modern store that holds all the secrets of Florentine craftsmanship of a time where you can promote and enjoy their creations.

Every product in the shop Bedeschi is entirely made in Tuscany. The creams and soaps are created naturally and are free of harmful substances to man and the environment.

The soaps, in precious violet fragrances, evolve cards, iris of Florence, moss rose, origan and many others. The pictures on the boxes of soaps tell an ancient world that kids today do not know, but expressing poetry and harmony.

The meticulous craftsmanship of Lorenzo together with the work of craftsmen of which employs, leads to the creation and composition of fine products that you can find at the shop in Via delle Belle Donne in Florence, such as:

  • soaps
  • body creams
  • perfumes
  • body scrubs
  • scented water

Area territoriale

Firenze e Area Fiorentina


Bottega Bedeschi

Set 2 soaps Alighiero Campostrini Old Box


€ 25,00

Bottega Bedeschi

Set 5 soaps Alighiero Campostrini Old Box


€ 92,50

Bottega Bedeschi

Body scrub


€ 10,00

Bottega Bedeschi

Soap box


€ 8,00

Bottega Bedeschi

Scented candles


€ 7,50

Bottega Bedeschi

Perfumed water


€ 9,50
SOAP OF FLORENCE di Lorenzo Bedeschi Via delle Belle Donne n. 11/13R 50123 Firenze +39 055 0169655