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Artistic craftsmanship, precious Tuscan heritage

The promotion of local artists and craftsmanship among the goals of It's Tuscany

Art and Craft, Craft and Art two sides of the same coin tied and divided by a thin thread.

It's Tuscany, territorial marketing project that combines traditions and typicality of artisan knowledge and territorial features a modern marketplace, Insert the promotion of artists and local handicrafts among the objectives of the their Mission

It will also be on the cover of the month of September of the magazine Toscana Nuova, as a valuable initiative to support artistic craftsmanship.

There are already many artisan businesses who have joined the project, a confirmation that Tuscany is the land florida artists and shops that make his art a trade.

Fine craftsmanship in Tuscany is a precious heritage to be proud of even beyond regional boundaries. According to research on the topic of the Tuscany region ranks third after the beautiful scenery, and the artistic patrimony is among the top attractions for tourists from Italy and abroad.

The workshops of Tuscany have the great merit of being known worldwide for the high quality of the materials used for production processes ever standardized that follow traditional techniques today, mingling with using innovative technologies that allow to make products unique in their kind.

Among the artists/craftsmen who have already joined the project many realities that fuse the practised art creative flair to craft art of unquestionable value.


The Goldsmith's workshop ICUDAL, the brainchild of Valeria Gurgone is a young and dynamic artistic workshop produces unique creations, which differ according to the original design and materials used. Each jewel comes to life from a sketch done in Freehand on the basis of which creates a model in wax or metal, until you get to the object in gold or silver but also bronze or brass.


La BOTTEGA D'ARTE LASTRUCCI for years he devoted himself to one of the oldest and most charming works, that of Florentine mosaics. The teachers Bruno and Iacopo carry on with dedication an ancient craft following the traditional processing techniques, the same ones used by the Medici period. Colored marble and semiprecious stones are their raw material that processed and sliced becomes "eternal painting", as he called the mosaic the same Giorgio Vasari.


The MOLERIA LOCCHI active from the late 800, is now a staple in the panorama of artistic craftsmanship of glass and Crystal. The Locchi laboratory, have always been engaged in the study of design and materials that come into harmony with the ancient techniques of blowing and grinding strictly handmade. Artistry and refinement are the essence of each of their realization, promoters of the true Tuscan handicrafts worldwide.


Leather goods OFFICINA DEL CUOIO, was born from the passion for the old ways craftsmen and from the creative inspiration of Antonio Del Bravo. From natural leathers are made bags and accessories, small works of art requiring a long manual labour made with patience and precision. Pieces able to tell a story of craftsmanship and passion for an ancient craft.


Leather goods ENRICO PUCCI which since 1970 with passion and creativity makes Python leather products , strictly made by hand. Far from the world of industrial production, the master Leatherworkers give rise to projects that carry within them the essence of Tuscany. A company where the focus is always on aesthetic and artistic value of the product.


Tuscany is full of companies that can transform the simple raw material valuables; for this reason It's Tuscany is committed to emphasize local commercial part, combining artistic achievements dedicated to the sale, with part time to the promotion of the art world.



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