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Bottega Bedeschi

Perfumed water


The Florentina Bellosguardo line. Scented Water can also be bought individually.
Set 5 Body scented water containing:
• IRIS FLORENTINA SCENTED WATER, scented body water green formula with biological extract of iris rhizome. No parabens no petrolatum emollient formula. Iris is a perennial plant with an infinite variety of colors. Its name comes from the Greek "rainbow", meaning optimism and positivity as well as its delicate scent;
• ROSA DI MAGGIO SCENTED WATER, scented body water green formula with organic rose extract. No parabens no petrolatum refreshing formula. The rose is a symbol of simplicity, but also of love, admiration and beauty. The rose flowers are fragrant represent great elegance and refinement;
• MELOGRANO SCENTED WATER, scented body water green formula with organic pomegranate extract. No parabens no petrolates energizing formula. Tropical plant, its name derives from the Latin: malum (apple) and granatum (with seeds), rich in vitamins C and B and antioxidants;
• LAVANDA SCENTED WATER, scented water for the body formula green with organic extract of lavender flowers. No parabens no petrolatum relaxing formula. From the Latin "lavare" which means that it must be "washed", this because in ancient times the lavender plant was used as a cleanser for the body. Moreover, lavender favors the state of relaxation;
• AGRUMI DI BOBOLI SCENTED WATER, scented body water green formula with organic extract of orange. No parabens no petrolates toning formula. Citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C with antioxidant effect.

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