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24 June events in Florence for the feast of its Patron Saint

Mapof Florentine for San Giovanni

In the morning: wash with water of San Giovanni

During the eve of 24 June it is customary for the Florentines immerse within a basin full of water and herb scented flowers with which the next morning wash your face and body.  an ancient rite passed down for centuries.

In ancient times it was believed that it had the power to ward off diseases and to drive away the evil eye. Even today the ancient rite, handed down for centuries, scented water of San Giovanni is in Florentine families.

In the afternoon: the finals of football historian

As tradition dictates, on 24 June in Firenze in piazza Santa Croce, to play the final of calcio storico fiorentino. This year the challenge is between: Santa Maria Novella Reds versus Greens of San Giovanni?.

The game will start at 17.00 hours, giving away "the glory" for the players and the Chianina Heifer to the district winner.

The final will be preceded by the usual historical procession of the Florentine Republic and by the performance of Banderai "Uffizi Gallery.

The Florentine, if he plays his neighborhood, buy a ticket to see live from piazza Santa Croce, the most anticipated football game of the year, after Fiorentina-Juve.

For everyone else, the game is seen on tv, sitting comfortably on your couch, along with laughter and friends.

Information on transit and safety locks

At the event, for safety reasons, the Prefecture has ordered that the area bordered by via dei Benci, borgo de ' Greci, via Dell ' Anguillara, via Torta, via Verdi, via da Verrazzano via dei Pepi, largo Bargellini, via Magliabechi, in the time slot from 14 to 21, will be in effect prohibitions against the public houses and walking activities in the area of Administration and sale of alcoholic beverages of any strength; of administration into glasses of every other drink; and selling for removal of any bottled beverage or glass container or Tin.

The city of Florence, in a press release, reported that the stands will be forbidden to use pyrotechnic devices, both ranked that of free sale, any other material exploding and stinging spray cans.

Also, for the time necessary to the passage of the procession, Sunday 24, from 15.30 expects the ban on driving in piazza Santa Maria Novella, via dei Banchi, via dei Rondinelli, piazza Antinori, via Tornabuoni, via degli Strozzi, piazza della Repubblica, via degli Speziali, via Calzaiuoli and piazza della Signoria, piazzale degli Uffizi, via della Ninna, via dei Neri, Borgo la Croce, via Magliabechi and piazza Santa Croce. Finally, from 19, additional closures, for the time necessary to the return of the parade, in Borgo dei Greci, piazza San Firenze, via dei Gondi, piazza della Signoria, via Calzaiuoli, via Porta Rossa, piazzetta di Parte Guelfa.

In the evening: "Fochi di San Giovanni" or better, said alla fiorentina, "fohi" di San Giovanni

On the evening of 24 June, from 22, fiorentini and onlookers from all parts of the world come together along the many meeting points throughout the city to Watch the fireworks display of fireworks in honor the patron saint of Florence, San Giovanni.

The best places to appreciate the fires are:

  • from the Santa Trinita bridge from where you can admire the old bridge and background all colors of fireworks;
  • from the Arno over the Tower of San Niccolò, a true spectacle right under piazzale Michelangelo;
  • exclusive terraces of the luxury hotel in the city, from which to observe the colors and the lights of Fireworks while sipping a cocktail or tasting a delicious romantic dinner.

Like every year, the sky above Florence turns a thousand flashes caused by "fohi". A unique show that each year leave open-mouthed young and old. Historical football match winner district is dedicated by the masters in the same colour as the team's last shot Stokers.

The excitement and pride living Florence in this important day of celebration, are reached by the cry that the Mai announces before the whistle to start the game of football historian: "Viva Fiorenza" and just stays alive in the Florentines the Fort sense of belonging to the wonderful city of the Renaissance.